Javin Elliff Photography

May 21, 2024

Road Trip - Nevada

I didn't spend much time in Nevada. It was 100 degrees when I drove by Las Vegas, and I couldn't imagine camping out in the heat for long. I spent two nights camped at the base of a mountain range, hoping to find some desert bighorn sheep, but I was unsuccessful in that quest. I did see a lot of birds, which was a decent consolation prize. The Joshua trees were an interesting subject to photograph as well.

A rough gravel road approaching mountains in Nevada, with Joshua trees on both sides.
Joshua trees on a sunny day in Nevada.
A beautiful yellow western tanager sits on a juniper branch with his head cocked to the side.
A bright yellow western tanager stands on a rock.
A rugged ridge in Nevada, with countless towering columns and steep cliffs.
Evening light on Joshua trees with layers of ridges in the background.
Sunset in the desert of Nevada, with Joshua trees in the foreground.
A tall Joshua tree at sunset, with painted clouds in the background.